Friday, 29 January 2010

6. Chestnut Strong Porter

The yeast has just gone into the Chestnut Strong Porter. It is......

Malts: Pale, 250 crystal, chocolate, roasted and black
Hops: Northdown, Northern Brewer, Perle, Willamette and Cascade
Yeast: Belgian strong ale and Old English ale

There is also some glucose boosting the OG to 1080. I’m going to ferment it very warm (27C) to encourage some estery fruit to balance the hop, nut and roasted notes. The Bodders chestnuts (thank you philippa) will be roasted on Jamie Oliver's funeral pyre until dry before being ground and added to the beer in maturation.

The flavour panel tried the Trappist IPA and were generally positive. The alcoholic strength and magnitude of the aroma were both cause for comment. It’s a pretty brutal beer but I like to think quite pleasant brutality. A bit of light S&M for the taste buds.


ZakAvery said...

I'm sure it will settle down a bit in the bottle. Or turn to crap.

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