Friday, 22 January 2010

New Vessels on the Way

As the demand for my beer continues to sky rocket as well as larger door to fit my head through, I have just had to buy 4 new brewing vessels. I approved the drawings today for 2 x 38,000litre rectangular fermenters and 2 x 28,000litre conditioning tanks. This will give us another 25% capacity which will hopefully be enough for the year. The picture above is one of the fermenters I bought last year. Aside from a few fitting changes, this year’s vessels are the same. They are made in Germany as you can tell by the leather nature of the welder’s trousers.
Before you ask why they are not made in the UK. This is becuase no one in the UK wanted to make them. We did try.


Whorst said...

Wonderful stuff!

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