Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Abomination has Abominated

The activity of the Turbo YeastTM has fallen back to a few small bubbles. The gravity is a lot less than zero (none of our hydrometers will read it) and there is no discernable sweetness in the taste. It smells more like a hopped citrus cider than a beer. I’ve left the fermenter in a cold room for a couple of days to remove the turbo yeast then I’m going to rack it into a barrel and a few bottles to mature for a week or so. The ESB Barley Wine is slowing up at the 8.5% ABV level so that should also be racked into a cask before the weekend is out.

The kind and generous people of Simpson’s Malt have sent me down some special malts (see above) to go into the next few brews. When they roast the grains they often have a few kilos left over so from now on they are sending this to me for my 52 brews. As well as being kind and generous they also make awesome malts. I’ve brewed with malt from all the UK maltsters and some continental ones and Simpsons cannot be beaten on quality and consistency. I'm not just saying that becuase they sent me that stuff honest!

I shall be brewing the chilli double IPA at the weekend. I have a huge great bag of very hot-looking ground chlli which I'm going to ad to the boil. If you used this much in a curry you would need a family pack of spearmint-flavoured moist toilet tissue ready in the bathroom! I’ll update the blog when that’s in the FV.


BeerReviewsAndy said...

Can't wait to hear about the chilli beer...when i helped with crown's ring of fire we used 1kg of my fresh homegrown chillis, most added to the boil then some added to the fermentor.

Ive not tried the new version yet but the previous version Stu did on his own was great!

Melissa Cole said...

Can't help feeling chilli powder will only provide searing heat, but not any aromatic qualities to the beer, which is my criticism of nearly every chilli beer I've ever tried (Stu's being the exception).

Hope this one proves me wrong!

Stuart Howe said...

Mmmmm searing heat! I shall let you know Melissa. A fair amount of the ground chilli came up on the first yeast head so that won't contribute any heat. It's all down to how many muchcapsaicinoids have dissolved in the wort during the boil, which is anyones guess. If it's brutal I'll blend it with yogurt before I let you try any!

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