Monday, 11 January 2010

3. Turbo Yeast Abomination (from hell)

The abomination has begun! The Abomination is not a beer it’s more akin to a hop liqueur. To 40 litres of liquor I have added 15kg of glucose and boiled it with 3 kilos of Bobek for long enough to get at the oils but not isomerise too much of the alpha acid. I went for Bobek because it has very low bitterness and lots of aroma. To this hopped syrup I have added the Turbo Yeast™. The Turbo Yeast™ should, if it does what it says on the tin, ferment out the glucose completely to give a 23%ABV hop-scented alcohol solution.

I have called it an abomination because I would expect that the Turbo Yeast™ will have been selected for its ability to make ethanol rather than pleasant flavour compounds. It is usually used by people who enjoy alcohol as a lifestyle choice to make fruit-flavoured chemotherapy for their livers. I therefore suspect that taste will not be too much of a consideration. I have a few options for remediation if it does turn out to be abominable.


samhill said...

Hi Stuart

Are you going to have any tasting events for these brews, other than the beer festivals?


Melissa Cole said...

How did you get a picture of me after a heavy night! I've told you about those secret cameras Howe!

ZakAvery said...

You could add a splash of lemonade and call it an Abomination Top, I guess.

Stuart Howe said...

Sam hi, If any of the beers are any good I'll bottle them and store them. If I get enough interest I'll have tastings at the brewery. If any of the beers are amazing I'll enter them into competitions and send them to my favourite Beer Writers. Also if I'm doing any 'Meet the Brewers' in the year I'll take the better ones with me for sampling at those.

mewmewmew said...

How did you get a picture of me after a heavy night! I've told you about those secret cameras Howe!

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